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I have known Relmi for 7 years and worked together with her and her team at many occasions. Relmi is a true design leader who always goes above and beyond to get just the right creative result in an agile manner. She’s a reliable and thoughtful designer with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. She also has a high ability in strategic and commercial thinking which she has demonstrated over many years by developing the About My Brain brand from the bottom up and getting the business and developing the team to where it’s at today. Relmi is an inspiration and her skillset is multi-faceted and I’m very confident that she can tackle any challenge that comes her way. I am honoured to endorse her for any role she wants to apply for.
Joshua Landua
Head of Product, Founding Team at some.place
January 28, 2022, Relmi worked with Joshua in the same group
Smart, professional and a natural leader are a few words I would use to describe Relmi. I first met her as one of my students when I was teaching and a director at Billy Blue. She was always very switched on and forward-thinking. I have also had the privilege of working alongside her on projects, as well as under her in the About My Brain Institute. Relmi is an asset to anything she is part of! She is an absolute delight to work with!
Dawn Pugh
Brand Strategist & Managing Director
January 26, 2022
Relmi is not only a creative powerhouse, her enthusiasm and knowledge in neuroleadership is amazing. Having being certified recently, Relmi did a wonderful job at on-boarding me and look forward to partnering with About My Brain in the near future.
Andrea Riveros
Founder & Director at Momentum Leadership Consulting
June 1, 2020, Andrea was a client of Relmi’s
I love Relmi’s talent for creative design. The resources that she has created are exceptional. My clients are always impressed with the look, feel and functionality of the resources. They are clear and easy to read and also packed with information. I have a sense of pride when I’m showing them to potential clients - I feel that they reflect my professionalism and support my brand.
Gail Eaton-Briggs
GAICD, Speaker, Author, Facilitator
May 23, 2020, Gail, was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi is one of the most innovative and focused professional I have ever known. Her dedication, imagination and creativity can be seen at the magnificent graphic design and all of the communication of the About my Brain Institute. She is also a great human being with a generous soul.
Ricardo Gonzalez Escobar
President in Latin America at About my Brain Institute
September 6, 2019, Relmi worked with Ricardo in the same group
Thinking of a creative person – an image conjures up, thinking about an administration person, a second image probably conjures up. Often, they are two distinctly separate characters and what they offer can often be polar opposites. When you meet and work with Relmi, you have the pleasure of being in the company of one beautiful, caring character that offers both skillsets highly tuned. It is such a rare delight to be enshrouded by her creativity in the collateral used in the business of About My Brain and to also be taken care of by her fiercely capable administration in one’s engagement with About My Brain. Must admit, the ever-evolving content delivered by her brilliant mother (Silvia Damiano) keeps me coming back for more like a moth to the flame. It is how Relmi presents that content that is the enchanted siren’s song. This is an engagement you are going to remember with great pleasure – enjoy.
Bridgit English
July 31, 2019, Bridgit was a client of Relmi’s
I met Relmi Damiano during my trip and certification to Sydney in the i4 Neuroleader Model, model of unique Neuroliderazgo developed by Silvia Damiano and I was surprised by her excellent skills for an event to go perfectly. During this training everything was perfect and very careful to the smallest details. In addition to being a great hostess and with an excellent education. She is able to manage and create a trusted team especially with millennials. She is incredible as a leader for them, inspiring a lot of security and confidence and guiding them within the certification to improve their personal development. In addition, she is a person interested in his own well-being and is consistent with his values ​​within the company About My Brian. On the other hand, she is very innovative in her projects, managing together with Silvia Damiano and her team the exclusive global documentary Make Me A Leader, totally successful, which has so far achieved up to 6 international awards. Meeting Relmi Damiano is a great gift and being able to collaborate with her and her team is rewarding and I am delighted to grow and learn together in many projects.
Eva Chaparro
Training & Talent Development Specialist
September 17, 2018, Eva was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi is highly creative, organised and a pleasure to work with. Whilst working with Relmi on multiple events, her management skills and strategic thinking stood out and yielded great value to the overall results. Her ability to think from both a creative and business mindset makes her inputs to a project an invaluable asset.
Hallan Moulin
Design Lead * UX/UI * Startup * Tech
September 10, 2018, Hallan worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi is a key person in the About My Brain Team. She is highly creative and artistic and is the brains behind the outstanding graphic design of the i4 Neuroleader Model materials. Her design complements the superb content making the materials in both style and substance simply first class. As a point of contact, Relmi is always very responsive and highly professional. She knows her product inside out and is very friendly, approachable and supportive. We are excited at BartonRoss to have met her and look forward to an on-going relationship with Relmi and the About My Brain business!
Johan Barton
Director at BartonRoss Ltd
September 18, 2017, Johan was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi is not only exceptional creatively, she is extremely visionary and has what it takes to bring that vision to life. Relmi has a can do attitude and nothing is too hard for her to achieve as she provides outstanding levels of support to me in my role as a partner at the About my Brain Institute. She does this by rolling up her sleeves herself and leading a very talented team. Thank you Relmi. The team at People Builders really appreciate you.
Grant Herbert
Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer
August 16, 2017, Grant was a client of Relmi’s
It’s rare to come across someone with both the creativity and technical savviness that Relmi possesses. I had the pleasure of working under her as an intern at About my Brain Institute for a couple months. She is kind and thoughtful both personally and professionally. I really appreciated how clear she was in communicating her expectations whenever assigning tasks, making it easy to work efficiently. What stands out to me above all about Relmi is her ability to operate skillfully in a wide variety of areas ranging from graphic design to strategic marketing and higher-level business management, to name a few. I was struck by how effectively she prioritizes her many different demands in order to drive the business forward. Relmi is also a fantastic cook; if she ever offers you lunch, I’d definitely recommend taking her up on it!
Abraham Saikley
Research Assistant at Stanford University, Department of Neurobiology
August 7, 2017, Relmi was senior to Abraham but didn’t manage directly
If I could borrow Relmi's brain for a day I'd probably catapult my business success. I have watched Relmi at work and she has a rare balance of exceptional creativity and design coupled with logic and attention to detail. This results in Relmi delivering products and services that are not only highly visually appealing but also highly functional. Relmi is dedicated, professional, thorough and also fun to work with. Oh and a brilliant cook (I've had the pleasure of tasting her brain-friendly gastronomic delights).
Clare Edwards
Facilitator, Speaker, Corporate Trainer
May 4, 2015, Clare was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi is that exquisite mix of phenomenal creativity, the most modern ability to use technology and social messaging, and a brain that really knows how to pull things together--making the complex simple, and the simple most compelling. Her management of the business -- and her extreme creativity in all the work she does on web and in graphic design is so modern and elegant. I love it -- and it really does make neuroscience accessible to all of us -- through the graphics, the art, the interaction she can make happen. She is the consummate integration of imagination, intuition and inspiration!!!
Katharine McLennan
Executive Coach, Executive Psychotherapist, Team Facilitator
December 8, 2014, Katharine was a client of Relmi’s
When I first saw the work that Relmi and her team at About my Brain Institute produce, I was blown away. She is a creative genius. Her work is beautiful from a design perspective and a usability perspective. Relmi is also an absolute delight to partner with and I am always in awe of what she can teach me. If only I could duplicate her and have her on my actual team - but I feel so lucky to be able to work so closely with her and the wonderful team at AMBI.If you are not working with Relmi or AMBI - you really need to be, mind blowing stuff!
Blythe Rowe
Author, Speaker & Trainer
December 3, 2014, Blythe was a client of Relmi’s
I have had the opportunity to work with Relmi on a number of occasions, both as co-lecturer and colleague in preparing and organising academic coursework for our students. She is an excellent lecturer and motivator; delivering a range of quite complex course material with confidence and imagination. Relmi is extremely well organised and hard-working, a pleasure to work alongside and someone I am happy to recommend without reservation.
Nigel Bailey
Founder and CEO at Bailey James Creative Consultants Pty Ltd
February 13, 2014, Relmi worked with Nigel in the same group
I worked closely with Relmi when undertaking my i4 Neuroleadership Practitioner Certification. Relmi is co-founder of the About My Brain Institute, and despite her relatively few years in the workforce, working with Relmi is like working with someone who has insight and wisdom of 20 years plus! Her passion, her ability to communicate and to present, and the quality and innovation of some exciting new products she is about to launch is testament to her amazing talent.
Geoff Martin
An energetic, positive and inspirational HR leader, Facilitator, Coach, and Allied Health Recruiter.
January 30, 2014, Geoff worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi Damiano, as a friend, colleague and lecturer has inspired my work. She has helped my discover some of my own potential which I do not say lightly. Leading a team through a project in 'About My Brain' along with opening up some valuable connections and rare experiences to myself and my partners. Her problem solving and unique understanding for the Design industry and Neuroscience has given her solid respect that I will take into consideration. I Recommend Relmi Damiano and look forward to her future work.
Ben Kirby
Visual Designer at Rakuten
March 18, 2013, Ben worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi is a talented professional with a rare combination of technical design skills and thoughtful leadership converging naturally into a steady stream of effective work. Her continuous determination in being on the digital forefront and putting herself "out there" to get things done innovatively have seen her turn into reality significant successful endeavours, such as the two editions of the Brain Art Exhibition (the last of which I had the privilege to participate) and for that I can soundly recommend her.
Luke Hespanhol
Senior Lecturer | Director, Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at University of Sydney
January 30, 2013, Relmi worked with Luke in the same group
Relmi is a great teacher, passionate about design and the inner working of how people think and interpret the world around them.
Megan Clark
Creative Director at ClickersOnline
January 27, 2013, Megan reported directly to Relmi
Relmi is a great lecturer for my class. She seems to explain things in a way thats easier to understand. Her tone, youth and energy makes us love her more. She is also very educated, organised, friendly and fun. I might have failed the subject if she wasn't the lecturer.
Anthony Vu
Motion Graphics Designer at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
January 26, 2013, Relmi was a client of Anthony’s
Relmi executes designs at a high level and is excellent in developing business and brand strategies.
Phil Gough
Lecturer in Biological Design at The University of Sydney Design Lab
Program Director for Major in Biological Design
January 24, 2013, Relmi worked with Phil in the same group
Relmi is a fantastic lecturer at Billy Blue University and is highly organized, prepared for all classes. Most importantly she is very kind and always happy, she encourages student voice and contribution in all of her classes and in their own learning process. She strongly knows her content and has a high level of industry skills. Relmi is extremely hard working and is a teacher who cares about her students. She is team player and will make a great asset to any company or education institution.
Jeannie Bella
Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Designer
January 23, 2013, Jeannie reported directly to Relmi
Great group leader and Senior Designer.
Antonio Almeida
UX Designer | WORK180 | Empowering every woman to choose a workplace where they can thrive
January 23, 2013, Antonio reported directly to Relmi
Relmi brings fresh awareness and skills within digital design & production, creative research and design thinking. She employs a broad approach to the potential of design, social awareness and the power of networked creativity.
Andrew Barnum
Designer | Educator | PhD Author | Songwriter
January 23, 2013, Andrew was senior to Relmi but didn’t manage directly
Relmi has a passionate and energetic approach to teaching and initiative development. Lots of talent and drive! I have known Relmi for four years as both student and now industry peer. She is a bright and insightful woman who possesses the characteristics to succeed in both her design ambitions and now those in the field of management. I was Relmi's lecturer for several classes during her time studying her undergraduate degree at Billy Blue. Relmi's qualities can be summarised as a formidable combination of design talent and razor sharp personal and project organisational skills. Relmi's abilities led me to appoint her as project manager for a major client project in her final year at the college. Relmi was responsible for leading a team of young designers to deliver a series of online campaign products with all the attendant demands a professional scenario would present. The project stakes were high and very demanding. Relmi's dedication and commitment to the project resulted in a measurable successful outcome. I consider Relmi to be one of the very best graduates I have had the pleasure to mentor, her aptitude and skills are self evident.
David Agius
Lecturer Digital Media at Billy Blue College of Design
January 23, 2013, Relmi worked with David in the same group
I had the good fortune of having Relmi as one of my students over a 2-year period at Billy Blue and she never failed to impress me. Relmi is not only a passionate designer, but she is a driven, organized and dedicated hard working designer. Her design ideas are always fresh and original and she weighs criticism well using it as a means to take her outstanding work even further still. On top of all of that, Relmi is a wonderful personality to work with. I only ever remember seeing a smile on her face. It was clear that all of her fellow students felt the same way too, with many of them asking for her help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Relmi to anyone as a valuable asset to his or her company or project.
Suzanne Keating
Industry Consultant and Learning Facilitator at Billy Blue College of Design
Graphic and Instructional Designer, Educator and Creative Director at Oriole Design.
September 14, 2011, Suzanne was Relmi’s teacher
Relmi is a designer who i would recommend to anyone. Relmi has great designs skills but above all has amazing management abilities for any job we've worked together on, which instills a great amount of trust.
Toby Skyring
Senior Product Designer at Practice Ignition
July 5, 2011, Relmi was a client of Toby’s
I have worked with Relmi during the time she was employed at Redcoal. Relmi came out with outstanding web site layouts, flash movies and brochures. Relmi was very creative and has bright ideas on how to create user friendly web sites. I would recommend Relmi’s works to every employer because her work brings a difference to the web site and she is a pleasant person to work with.
Liliane Than
Front End Developer at ITS Management
May 16, 2011, Relmi worked with Liliane in the same group
Relmi is a bright and innovated graphic designer. I was involved in the hiring process and attended her interview. During the period of time that she worked at Redcoal she performed all of her duties professionally and accurately. Relmi is a positive person and was a pleasure to work with.
Louisza Court
Office Admin - Redcoal
Relmi has a focused and collaborative approach, her team spirit, management skills and ability to use and embed ‘design – thinking’ as a process in her work has resulted in very successful outcomes across all her projects.
Mark O'Dwyer
Academic Year Coordinator - Billy Blue College of Design.
I highly recommend Relmi Damiano for her design and marketing skills. The Brain Art Exhibition and Unconference in March 2011 was a huge success, due to Relmi's expertise. I attended the Opening night, Awards night and delivered one of the conference sessions. I was impressed by the obvious planning and promotion of the event. Having over 1000 people at each of the Opening and Awards nights, shows that Relmi's marketing had a great impact on attendance. The marketing material was professional and eye catching. Her use of social media was very appropriate for the target market. I have no hesitation in recommending Relmi for future work in this field and I am very happy to act as a verbal reference for her.
Shelley Johnson
Agile Change Lead, Organisational Development & brain friendly Learning Specialist
April 27, 2011, Shelley worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi was one of the driving forces behind a significant Sydney based conference and event that I was involved in. From day one it was very clear to see that Relmi is highly creative and versatile. She has the ability to visualise an opportunity and put the right creative around it to make it commercial. I would strongly recommend Relmi for any project requiring high level creative skills and a driven and organised visionary thinker.
Andrew Griffiths
International bestselling author, global speaker and coach.
Australia's #1 small business author with 14 bestselling books written over 20 years.
April 13, 2011, Andrew worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi is an exceptional professional with new and fascinating ideas. She is really is a breath of fresh air. Relmi makes things happen.
Tao de Haas
Counsellor - Coach - Consultant
April 11, 2011
April 11, 2011, Tao was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi completed a Bachelor of Applied Design (Digital Media) in 2010. She proved to be a very committed student who achieved a high standard of results. She developed very respectful and professional relationships with the academic staff and peers. She was selected by the academic staff as the recipient of the 'Blue Octopus Award' in recognition of her outstanding project management, organisational and time management skills, which were clearly evident as part of the Student Exhibition Team.
Stephen Andrews
Higher Education and VET Expert / TEQSA Register of Experts
April 8, 2011, Stephen was Relmi’s mentor
Relmi is a gifted photographer and creative artist who can express complex concepts with sensitivity. She is very hard working, dedicated to her craft and delightful as a collaborator. As part of a larger learning design project, we worked together on the creation of some unique learning materials. Relmi supplied the creative genuis for multiple media, including the web, and the results were outstanding.
Gina Hajdu
Training and Capability Lead at Campbelltown City Council
December 22, 2010, Gina worked with Relmi but at different companies
Relmi has worked with Genos for a number of years, and I have had the pleasure of being involved with several design projects she has completed for us. Her work is superb, and she has an incredible ability to take a product from concept to completion with inspiration and ease! Her work has brought our products to life, and our clients love the end result, differentiating our products in the market in terms of look and feel - she nails the brief every-time. Relmi is also a great to work with, fun, easy going, and flexible with her time and with our ever demanding workload. Thanks for all your excellent work so far Relmi!!
Rebekka Squire
People Strategy | Organisational Development | People Experience
October 31, 2010, Rebekka was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi was assigned the Project Manager for the 2010 July Graduate Exhibition at Billy Blue College of Design. Her responsibility was to see her peers meet specific deadlines and to coordinate the logistical requirements of the project and make sure the team are hitting major deadlines. Part of this project was also to assist in the management and coordination of the project budget and the coordination of sponsorship. Relmi has a determined and positive attitude towards work and is always reliable, consistently performing above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend Relmi as an excellent designer (Digital Media and Communication platforms) and as a very effective Project Manager.
Leanne Sobel
Strategic Designer & Senior Research Associate (Centre for Business and Social Innovation UTS)
PhD Candidate
June 4, 2010, Leanne was Relmi’s mentor
I've worked with Relmi on several projects and each time she exceeds my expectations. She's a pleasure to work with, a quick study, flexible and the final product is always incredible. Relmi is nothing short of awesome.
Anthony Palombit
Clinical and Depth Psychologist
June 2, 2010, Anthony was a client of Relmi’s
I found that Relmi's work is very different to the norm. She has this unique ability to make a fantastic visual statement. Her ability to perceive the overt and covert messaging is distinctive. Relmi's work is for those who want to take the lead not follow. "Subtly Vibrant" is the best way to describe Relmi's creations. I found my client group enthralled with her graphics and it was easy to bring them 'into the room" when her graphics were used in key note speaking.
Anne Das Gupta
Head of Culture & Performance at Sydney Water
May 31, 2010, Anne was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi provides outstanding creative capability with an eye for detail and a solid understanding of commercial realities and brand values. This makes her an excellent choice for online design no matter what the need. Relmi is able to tap into her experience and talent with photography and design to make something unique and appropriate to the requirement. Relmi is able to turn around work in a timely manner and is able to work on her own to produce results. I have always been pleased with her creativity and exceptional quality outcomes and I am happy to recommend her.
Adam Bateson
Embracing mobile test automation at scale
May 30, 2010, Adam was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi has been one of my most dedicated students. Consistently working through all the details to create an outstanding project at the end of semester. I have no doubt that she will be an asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her.
Sol Pandiella-McLeod
Human Centred Designer . Product designer . Service Designer
December 1, 2009, Sol was Relmi’s teacher
Relmi is an extraordinary young professional. She has the unique ability to create stunning designs in the context of an astute business and branding strategy. I have no hesitation of recommending Relmi to anyone who is looking for a creative talent and a strategic thinker for their team.
Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos
Strategic Business Advisor | Human-Centred Technology Design | Augmentation of Human and Artificial Intelligence
November 27, 2009, Dr. Marigo was a client of Relmi’s
Relmi is a fabulous designer who has an incredible creativity when comes to graphic design. Her innovative ideas when working in projects bring her the highest marks in our class. Not only that, I really admire her dedication and the ability to coordinate a group when she's working in any sort of project.
Francisco De Oliveira Neto
Head of User Experience & Digital at PhoenixDX
November 25, 2009, Francisco and Relmi were students together
Saw your photos at the art show today, more than very impressive. Congratulations. I can see absolutely no reason why you won’t have a wonderful career, to be that good at you age!!! I envy your future. Keep smiling.
Tony Mott
Famous rock n' roll photographer
Relmi, I talked with my boss, Julie, and we love your work. In the skateboarder particularly, there’s such control with a shallow depth of vision, and your feeling light, colour and movement creates just the style we’re after. Your photos of faces are lovely and intimate too.
Paul Dagarin
Editor, Smart Start Magazine - APN Educational Media Pty
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