what I do
Multi-skilled brand, product, service designer, photographer and entrepreneur. I have experience in various roles, which included business strategy, creative, brand, product design, digital, marketing and project management in established organisations and start-up environments. I am interested in the intersection of strategic design, innovation, leadership, coaching and applied neuroscience.
I have spent a considerable portion of my career as an entrepreneur, setting up the creative direction and operations of a global company that offers brain-based leadership & wellbeing training and a neurobiology-based 360° feedback assessment tool, certification and methodology to organisations, independent consultants and coaches. I was also the Creative Director and Producer for the 8-time international award-winning documentary Make Me A Leader.
My background
I started my photography and design career back in 2005. Photography and art was my first passion which led me to exhibit and sell my collections in art shows throughout Australia and win various awards. I started University in 2007 at Billy Blue College of Design, studying a Bachelor of Applied Design in Digital Media. While doing this, I worked as a freelance photographer, graphic and website designer, consulting with clients from Australia and the USA. 
Once I graduated, I continued to offer my brand consulting services to several clients and co-founded the About my Brain Institute. I was responsible for the brand creation and marketing strategy as well as the entire product design process from strategy to research to UX/UI of the i4 Neuroleader ™Assessment, blended leadership programs, books and various learning materials. I executed the creation of this product end-to-end and project managed a multidisciplinary team that included designers, programmers, filmmakers and experts in the leadership, wellbeing, coaching and neuroscience fields.
Working as a co-founder has helped me understand what a business needs to flourish and how to create products and experiences that will truly delight the customer. In addition to this, being in a neuroscience / behavioural / leadership business, I have been fortunate to learn how the human brain works. Not only has this allowed me to develop myself, but having this understanding allows me to be a better user-centred designer.
Teaching and Mentoring
Due to my broad business and branding experience, in 2011, I was invited to become a lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University) to teach branding, graphic design, design thinking, business strategy, business model generation, user-centred and service design.
I spent 7 years as a part-time lecturer involved in various subjects, sharing my industry experience in the classroom. I was also part of the course re-writing team. From 2012 to 2018, I led and created a wide range of student design briefs for live industry projects in branding, web, exhibition design and delivery, film, 3D/2D animation, data visualisation, gaming and digital art. 
In 2021, I was offered to return to teaching at Sydney University. The subjects I tutor include; User Experience Design Studio, Design for Digital Revolution (NFTs Web3) and Design Practice and Management.
Final Remarks
As a brand/product/service designer and entrepreneur, I have developed a multifaceted skill set that allows me to take on various roles in strategy, creative, facilitation, project management and teaching, as well as process-driven roles in either established organisations or start-up environments.
Thanks for taking the time to review my work!
• Product Management (Strategy & Design)
• Service, HCD & Design Thinking
• Customer Experience
• Creative Direction
• Project & Event Management
• Marketing & Social Media
• Digital Strategy, Website, UI & UX Design
• Brand Development & Graphic Design
• Book Design & Publishing
• Instructional & Online Course Design
• Psychometric Assessment Design
• Data Visualisation
• Digital Producer
• Scriptwriting
• Photography
• Film Art Direction
Personal attributes & Value Add
• I am a self-starter, hard-working, resourceful, efficient and proactive. Being a co-founder has taught me these valuable skills and more.
• I love design and a solid product strategy. It is a gateway to delight customers, create long-lasting brands and increase the bottom line.
• I am a self-directed learner and can learn how to do almost anything. I also love learning from others! 
• I believe good communication and mentoring are key to developing people.
• While developing my management expertise at the About my Brain Institute, I learnt to work on my own and in teams (globally). I can work remotely and I know the value of leading with clear expectations and communicating with purpose.

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